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This page contains a text version of the Riggs family tree. It also contains links to images that have been reduced in quality for the website. If you want any of the files you see here, contact me and I will send them to you. Also, please contact me if you have any info about any of the people in this tree. I'm sure there are typos as well as info that is just incorrect. Please forgive this but don't ignore it, contact me so that I can correct it.

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The Origin Of The Family



 From The Riggs Family by John Beverley Riggs:


An examination of various British records reveals that that the name Riggs is traceable to the 13th century.  Apparently the surname Riggs, originated from a place of residence. The Oldest form of the name was probably RIDGE. Those people dwelling on the ridge or XXXX took their name from their abode "at the ridge". The name while (either common or uncommon) in many of England's counties became very common in northern England. In the border counties and in Westmoreland, Lancashire and Yorkshire.  It is a familiar surname even today. In Scotland, there were numerous families bearing the name.


In northern England and in Scotland, the name was spelled XXXX or Rigg, without the final 's'.


A number of other variant spellings appear in local XXXXXXX.  Besides the usual forms Riggs and Rigges, there are found Ryggs, Ryggys, Ry~ges, Ridgis, Ridges, Ryggie, Ryges, Rugges, Rug, Rig, de la Rigge, Rydge and a number of others. In time the name evolved to the present form, Riggs.


Judging from the diversity in spelling, which it must be remembered was still primitive and unstandardized, the two forms RIGGES and RIDGES must have been pronounced exactly alike."


From British Family Names by Barber: Riggs (Ridge) is "a location name common in the English counties of Devonshire, Shropshire, Glochester and Wiltshire.''


From The New Dictionary of American Family Names: Riggs, XXXX of English and Scottish origin was "a dweller at a ridge or a XXXX  of hills: also one who came from the lands of Rigg in east LothiXXX (Scotland).




The Riggs Family in America



The first record of a family named Riggs in America is that of Edward Riggs(1590-1672), who sailed from England to Boston, Mass. in the summer of 1633. He and his small family soon settled at Roxbury, a smal1 village south of Boston. Roxbury is now Just a section of the Greater City of Boston.


They were Puritans and most likely were fleeing England and the religious oppression of King Charles I. Their genealogy is fairly well documented up to present times. but it is not entirely certain that our family is descended from this one. The earliest ancestor we can claim right now is James Riggs of Prince George's County, Maryland. If he is a member of the original family, he would be one of Edward of Roxbury’s- great-grandchildren.


The Riggs Family



Generation 1

James Riggs was known to be in Prince Georges County as early as 1698, when he served as a ranger under a Colonel John Addison. His name; is found in court and legal documents of 1704 and 1734 where he is mentioned as a merchant and as a planter.


James' wife was named Elizabeth and they had children named James Jr. John, Edmond, Sarah, and Jane. He died in 1744.


Generation 2

Edmond Riggs, son of James, served as a private during the French and Indian War (1757-58) and received 1 pound, 4 shilling, 10 pence as pay. Be was married to Mary Brooke, a member of a prominent Maryland family and they had one son. His second wife was Ruth Summers.


Edmond Riggs purchased 100 acres of land called "Holding Spring" in Frederick Co. Maryland (now Montgomery Co.) in 1767 for 90 pounds sterling. In 1772 he bought another 82 ˝  acres called "John's Delight.”


In 1784, Edmond Riggs died leaving an estate appraised at 146 pounds.


Child of Edmond and Mary:

            James, born Sept 15, 1742.

Children of Edmond and Ruth:



            Edmond Jr.

            John Summers, born 10/5/1760

            Samuel, born 1/20/1765




Generation 3

James Riggs, son of Edmond and Mary Brooke Riggs was born on September 15, 1742 in Maryland. He was living in the lower Potomac Hundred at the time of a census taken on August 22, 1776. Shortly after this date he moved his family to Bedford County, Pennsylvania.


James Riggs served as a private in lieutenant Rose's Ranging Company during the American Revolution. About 1799, the family moved again this time to New Matamoris, Ohio where he lived until his death on February 22, 1815.


James Riggs was married to Mary Johnson. Some evidence seems to indicate that he had a previous marriage which produced two sons:

            Robert, born in 1764

            Thomas, born in 1767.


James and Mary Johnson Riggs had 12 children:

            Maxemelia, born in 1769

            Mary, born in 1772

            Basil, born in 1775


            Edmond, born on 12/25/1783


            Samuel, born on 7/13/1786

            Priscilla, died 1802 in New Matamoris

            John, married Sarah Wilson , died in Indiana


            Jane, married Moses Williamson of Fayette County, Indiana



Generation 4

Samuel Riggs was born on July 13, 1786, probably in Bedford County, PA and died on March 31 1875. He married Elizabeth Ross, daughter of Andrew and Mary Ross on October 18, 1810. Elizabeth was born April 5, 1795, and died on June 19, 1874.


From History of Fayette County, Indiana by Heineman:

"In 18l0, Samuel Riggs walked over into Indiana Territory 'spying out' the land. He entered a quarter section of land in the woods 4 - 5 miles east of where John Conner had established his trading post on the White Water River. Samuel returned to Ohio for his wife. Their household goods were transported by flatboat down the Ohio River to Cincinnati. From that point, the two made the rugged journey by wagon up the old White Water Indian Trail to their new home in the wilderness.


It has been said that Samuel Riggs was an energetic and industrious man and prospered from the beginning of his operations in Fayette County."


In 1813, Connersville was founded. Indiana was admitted as the 19th state in 1816. and in 1819 when Fayette County was organized, the 221 acres owned by Samuel became a part of Jennings township. Samuel also owned 480 acres in Howard County, Indiana.


The children of Samuel and Elizabeth Ross Riggs were:

            Denton, born 2/15/1812 and died 9/24/1874

            John, born 6/20/1814, married Martha Ann Harrison on 2/27/1851

            Mary, born 10/2?/1816  and died 8/8/1900

            Ruth, born 2/1/1818

            Stephen, born 7/4/1919 and died 3/18/1895

            James, born 11/13/1821 and died 5/2611868

            Andrew, born 12/13/1823 and died 7/14/1896, buried in Converse, Indiana, married Mary Brandon in                                1832

            Samuel H., born 3/27/1825 and died 10/30/1889

            Rossey, born 3/29/1827

            Kinze, born 3/1/1829 and died 5/7/1911

            Jane, born 12/18/1836 and died 10/9/19l2

            Nancy, born 7/18/1840.


Generation 5

James Riggs was born on 11/13/1821 and died 5/2611868, married Susan Monger on 1/23/1845. The Children of James and Susan Monger Riggs were:

            Asbury, 1895-1912

            Jonathon, 1848-1912

            Francis M. 1853-1931

            William, 1853-

            Reeder James 1858-1920

            Martha 1859-1859

            Rosella, 1862-1918

            Oliver S. 1868-1931


Samuel H. Riggs was born on March 27, 1825 and married Amandy Brown on March 12, 1847. Amandy was born on 12/1/1827 and died on 11/27/55. He was married secondly to Elizabeth Monger, sister of Susan Monger Riggs. Elizabeth was born 10/9/1841 and died 4/11/1915.


Children of Samuel and Amandy:

Francis Edan, born 10/14/1849

Samuel Asbury, born 2/14/1852

Mary Ellen, born 4/l6/1854 and died 2/27/1855


Children of Samuel and Elizabeth:

Stephen, born 3/27/1860

Ida, born 11/28/1861 and died in 1938

Horatio, born 11/14/1863 and died on 12/3/1863

William Sherman, born 6/7/1865 and died 4/18/1914

Mattie J., born 12/11/1868 or 1867 and died in 1940, married John Sheldon

Rossie, born 3/23/1870 and died in 1934

Alfred Lewis, born 6/15/1872

Alta, born 8/23/ 1874 and died 9/3/ 1879

Thomas, born 3/25/ 1877

Edna L., born 11/5/1879 and died on  6/18/1881

Edith, born 8/17/1882 and died 3/25/1913

Grace, born 6/9/1885


Generation 6

William Sherman Riggs was born on June 7, 1865 on a farm near Springersville, IN, and died on April 18, 1914. Maude Hamilton was also born on a farm near Springersville on March 25, 1867.They were married October 30, 1884. Their first home in Howard County, Indiana was destroyed by fire. Maude was married secondly to John H. (Jack) Boegel (b.1875, d.1950). Maude died October 1-3, 1949. The family's last home was the house at 823 Walnut St. in Connersville, IN.


Children of William and Maude:

Golda Fern, born 8/11/1885

Edna Moss, born 9/8/1867

Glen Forrest, born 12/23/1893

Park Lawrence, born 3/10/1896

Fay, born 12/3/1903 and died in March of 1904 at three months old

Madge Elizabeth, born 3/26/1906.


Generation 7

Golda Fern Riggs, known as Fern was born on August 11, 1585 and died in 1975. On September 27, 1905 she married Charles Anderson who was born in 1883 and died on October 26, 1965.


Children of Golda and Charles:

Herbert, born 10/10/1908 and

Charlotte Maud, born 10/22/1913



Edna M. Riggs was born on September 8, 1887 and died in 1979. On 3/24/1915 she married John Leedke who was born in 1885. John Leedke died on April 6, 1963.


Children of Edna and John:

John Riggs, born 6/6/21, died shortly after birth

Charles Koring, born 3/28/23

Rosemary, born 7/28/30.



Glenn Forest Riggs, was born on December 12, 1893 and died on August 5, 1971. On April 16, 1921 he married Marguerite Gallimore. Marguerite was born May 20, 1898 and died in August 1984.

Marguerite’s obituary read as follows:

Marguerite Riggs

CONNERSVILLE — Marguerite Fern Riggs, 86, 823 Walnut St., died Tuesday morning at Fayette Memorial Hospital.

She was a native of Rush County and was the widow of Glen Forrest Riggs, who died in 1971. She was a member of Central Christian Church, Senior Citizens, Christian Women's Auxiliary, World War I Auxiliary and American Legion Auxiliary.


Survivors include one daughter, Marilyn Fink of Connersville; three sons, William L. and Robert S., both of Connersville, and Richard G. of Xenia, Ohio; 12 grandchildren; 12

 great-grandchildren. Three brothers and two sisters are deceased.


Funeral service for Marguerite Fern Riggs will be at 10am Friday at Thompson-Brown-Urban Funeral Home with the Rev. James Orr officiating. Burial will be in Springersville Cemetery. Friends may call from 4 to 9pm Thursday at the funeral home.


Children of Glenn and Marguerite:

William Leon, born 3/1/22

Robert Samuel, born 8/5/23

Marilyn Jean, born 9/17/25

Richard Glen, born 1/20/29



Park Lawrence Riggs was born March 10, 1896 and died on August 26, 1944. Park was married to

Iona E. Bentley in 1920. Iona was born on March 19, 1896.  Iona died of lung cancer.


Child of Park and Iona:

Lawrence L., born on August 14, 1921.



Madge Elizabeth Riggs, was born on March 26, 1906. She married Glenn B. Snyder on May 1, 1926.


Children of Madge and Glenn:

Carolyn Deloris, born 4/15/27...

Joan Elizabeth, 4/9/29...

Barbara Jean. 5/28/30...

Keith Arnold, 12/27/193?



Generation 8

Herbert Anderson was born on October 10, 1908 and married Viola Piispa on 12/29/39.


Herbert and Viola had one chi1d:

Patricia Jo, born 11/15/1946,



Charlotte Maud Anderson was born on October 22, 1913 and married Otis M. Pepper on 12/9/1939. Otis died in October 1952.             Charlotte was married to Corwin Ward in August 1963.



Charles Koring Leedke was born on March 28, 1923. He married Mildred George on April 30, 1949.


Children of Charles and Mildred:

Angela, born 6/28/52

Meliesa, born 7/7/54

Teressa, born 11/13/60

Brian, born 7/21/66.



Rosemary Leedke was born on July 28, 1930. She married William Payton on July 15, 1952.


Children of Rosemary and William:

Rose Ann, born 10/7/53

Susan, born 2/21/55

Laura, born 2/26/56

Mary Beth, born 3/11/60

William Jr., born 4/5/64.



William Leon Riggs was born on March 1, 1922. He married Jean Lockwood on December 1, 1945. William was married secondly to Lois Frauman, on 4/14/55


Children of William and Jean:

Sally, born 7/2/47

Peggy, born 4/24/49


Child of William and Lois:

William Louis born 1/11/57



Robert Samuel Riggs was born on August 5, 1923. He married Phyllis Timmons on 4/17/55.


Children of Robert and Phyllis:

Sheri Lynn, born 2/8/56

David Lee, born 7/13/57



Marilyn Jean Riggs was born on September 17, 1925. She married Otho Frank Fink on January 25, 1947.


Children of Marilyn and Otho:

Sue Ann, born 8/18/48

Patricia Lynn, born 12/30/52

Nancy Jean, born 7/18/56

Otho Frank, Jr., 10/4/58.



Richard Glenn Riggs was born on January 20, 1929. He married Lorene Campbell on October 10, 1954.


Children of Richard and Lorene:

Richard Michael, born October 9, 1959

Elizabeth Ann, born September 15, 1964

Barbara Jean, September 15, 1964.



Lawrence L. Riggs (Pat?) was born on August 14, 1921 and was married to Dorothy Sharman on July 12, 1942. Dorothy was born on March 19, 1923. Pat and Dorothy met at Compton Jr. College, Pat was living in Oakland and Dorothy in Long Beach. They married young because of WWII. Pat went into the Merchant Marine and Dorothy went to work for Security Bank. At the end of the war, they moved to Vista Ca.,opened an auto parts store, and started a family. All three children lived in Vista CA when born, but Vista wasn’t large enough to have a hospital. Pat died on April 28, 1982 after twelve years of congestive heart failure. He was a great husband and father.


Children of Lawrence and Dorothy:

Stephen Alan, born July 18, 1946 in Oceanside CA

Sandra Diane, born March 15, 1949 in Oceanside CA

Carole Lee, born November 1, 1950 in Escondido CA



Carolyn Deloris Snyder was born on April 15, 1927. She married Donald Dena Kain on February 15, 1945.


Children of Carolyn and Donald:

Pamela Sue, born 4/29/48

Sandra Diann, born 7/27/50

Jennifer Lynn, born 2/24/53

David Allen, born 4/21/57

Terry Lee, born 4/6/62



Joan Elizabeth Snyder was born on April 9, 1929. She married Donald Crane in October 1956.


Children of Joan and Donald:

Kevin Honaker, born October 9, 1952

Donna Lee, born May 23, 1957

Deborah Ann, born July 23, 1960



Barbara Jean Snyder was born on May 28, 1930. She married Glen Gordon Kaufman on November 6, 1948.


Children of Barbara and Glen:

Stephen Keith, born 2/13/??

Jon Robert born 6/15/53

James Eric, born 3/21/56

Ronald Kent, born 12/9/57



Keith Arnold Snyder was born on December 27, 193?. He married Mary Frasur on May 29, 1955.


Children of Keith and Mary:

Brian Keith, born 10/14/57

Jeffrey Wayne born 1/28/59

Robert Douglas, born 11/21/61


Generation 9 


Stephen Alan Riggs was born on July 18, 1946 in Oceanside, CA. when his parents lived in Vista, CA. He married Candy Rathert on November 19 1966. Stephen started working for Sunstrand in January 1985, marketing turbine engines for aircraft while living in San Diego, CA. Stephen traveled to Europe many times for Sunstrand.


Children of Stephen and Candy:

Wendy Marie, born May 5 1970

Christina Ann born Nov 15, 1971


Sandra Diane Riggs was born on March 15, 1949 in Oceanside, CA. when her parents lived in Vista, CA. She Married Robert Rubacaba on April 20, 1974. Sandra has been the manager of Home Federal Savings and Loan at the main office in downtown San Diego, and Robert a real estate developer. At this time, they lived one block away from Stephen Alan Riggs.


Carole Lee Riggs was born on November 1, 1950 in Escondido, CA. when her parents lived in Vista, CA. She married Gary Jasinek on November 9, 1974. They lived in Alamos, NM where Gary is Editor and manager of the daily paper. Carol worked in the hospital lab there.


Children of Carole and Gary:

Andrea Sarah, born March 25, 1983


Richard Michael Riggs was born on October 9, 1959 at Greene Memorial Hospital in Xenia Ohio.


Elizabeth Ann Riggs was born on September 15, 1964 at Greene Memorial Hospital in Xenia Ohio. Elizabeth and Barbara are mirror twins. 


Barbara Jean Riggs was born on September 15, 1964 at Greene Memorial Hospital in Xenia Ohio. She married Ryan Andrew Dimmick (see Dimmick Family Tree) on May 1, 1988 at Wright Patterson AFB, in Fairborn, OH.  Barbara earned her BA in Business Administration from Antioch University in Yellow Springs, OH while enlisted in the USAF at Wright Patterson (buck sergeant).  She is also a freelance writer, several times published. Ryan is a Quality Engineer at IQE Inc, in Bethlehem PA. Ryan also served in the USAF as a Crypto Tech at Wright Patterson AFB (A1C) where he and Barbara met on May 27, 1987.